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The RSP-V Series machines incorporate a fully integrated 100% vision inspection system which stops the machine when a fault is detected, prior to slitting or other post-inspection operations.

The faulty label is automatically placed on the inspection/splice table where the operator can perform corrective action. Once the fault is corrected the web is rewound in its entirety onto a high capacity rewind for re-inspection prior to slitting for 100% compliance requirements.

For lower security applications, the web can continue directly on to slitting and other post-inspection operations.

The machines can operate in two distinct levels of compliance conforming to the required level of security. These include:

Full Compliance

In Full-Compliance-Mode, a defective label must be corrected and re-inspected before the process can continue and cannot be overridden by the operator. This mode is intended for applications where 100% compliant labels must be guaranteed.

Controlled Compliance

In this mode, the operator can choose to re-inspect the corrected label with a single button push, or bypass the re-inspection system and accept a defective label after manually inspecting or correcting it. This mode is intended for premium value-add labels that require the highest quality, but leave some discretion for the operator to increase throughput.



Working widths:               340mm (13.39”), 440mm (17.32”), 540mm (21.26”), 640mm (25.20”)

Unwind diameter:           750mm (29.53”)

Rewind diameter:            Single rewind = 550mm (21.65”) (with lay-on roller 500mm) (19.69”)

Dual rewind = 420mm (16.54”) (with lay-on roller 400mm) (15.75”)

Run speed up to:              320m/min (1050 fpm) (machine speed is material and vision system dependent)


Standard Configuration includes:

Compact and robust design

12” touch screen panel on separate HMI console

Vision system touch screen panel

100% servo control from Bosch Rexroth

Job memory for 500 jobs

Remote diagnostics

Unwind unit

Integration platform ready to accept industry leading vision systems

Splice table incl. web guide before the camera system

Dynamic web buffer

Vertical inspection area

Web guide before the slitting unit

Cartridge slitting system incl. LED light

Label/length counting

Single rewind – 76mm (3”) core holder

Right to left configuration only


Available Options:

Hydraulic roll lifter for dia. up to 1200mm (47.24”)

Internal roll lift

Waste rewind unit at unwind and before slitting unit

Flag & splice detection

Static elimination

Inkjet integration

Shear, razor and crush knife slitting

Full automatic knife positioning system – EPOS or RotoCut

Dual rewind

Big dual rewind module (600mm) (23.62”)

Lay-on rollers

Slip differential shafts

Strobe light

Vacuum splice table

Rewind shafts – 25mm – 152mm (1” – 6”)